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... on suspicion of Cattle Rustling.

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Name:DS Ray Carling
Birthdate:Apr 11, 1945
Location:Manchester, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"Good work, Raymondo. I'm bumping you back up to DS... only this time make it stand for Detective Sergeant and not Dog Sh*t!"
- Gene Hunt

Detective Sergeant Ray "Raymondo" Carling is a detective of the Manchester and Salford Police, and the right-hand man of DCI Gene Hunt throughout the 1970s. In 1980, he transferred to Fenchurch East in London with DCI Hunt, and his peer DC Chris Skelton. Ray was born in Lancashire on 11 April 1945 near the end of the Second World War. His father and grandfather were members of the British Army who presumably fought in the war. Due to this fact, Ray has a strong sense of duty, country, honor, and loyalty. He shows a great deal of respect for those who serve, even though he himself never did. He yearns for approval from his superiors, even though he'll never say as much. As far as anybody is concerned, he does his job, end of, and at the end of the day he hits the pub.

::Life On Mars::
In Life on Mars Ray is a detective in the A Divison of the Manchester and Salford Police force. He initially takes a disliking to Sam Tyler after he was meant to get the promotion of Detective Inspector, only to find out he was passed over for the apparently-transferred Tyler. He often works closely with DCI Gene Hunt, and admires him greatly. Ray's character is similar to that of Hunt's, and he almost always agrees with him -- as he is, and always will be, The Guv -- choosing his more brutal tactics, lackadaisical stand on paperwork, and the bending of certain protocols over DI Sam Tyler's more forward-thinking ideas. Ray has been described by the BBC's website as Gene's "right-hand man when it comes to fighting, shooting, gambling and the ladies." He frequently clashes with Tyler regarding his policing methods, and the grudge lasts nearly the whole series -- but, in the end, all ills can be fixed by one thing: pub. Ray also works well with DC Chris Skelton, as their friendship seems inseparable.

::Ashes to Ashes::
Alongside Gene Hunt and Chris Skelton, Ray moved from Manchester to London and joined the Metropolitan Police shortly after the death of Sam Tyler in 1980. He retains his original rank, though throughout both series he goes through promotions and demotions. The events of Ashes to Ashes begin with the arrival of Alex Drake. By the time of the first series, which is set in 1981, Ray resents having a female superior and is still overwhelmingly sexist and opposed to having women in CID. However, he consistently shows an improved attitude throughout the second and third series and is much more willing to work with Drake, eventually forming a good working relationship with her and, most of the time, respecting her authority over him despite her gender. Nearer the end of the series, Ray endures visions of stars and space and hears strange voices, which he dismisses as alcohol-related.

::Personality/Special Notes & Considerations::
Ray's character is openly and unabashedly sexist, racist, and homophobic. Throughout both series (but especially during Life on Mars) it's not uncommon to hear him using derogatory slang and slurs, or joining in a laugh with Chris or The Guv over an off-color joke. Ray has many good qualities, and he's certainly not beyond reason, but he can be stubborn and slow on the uptake. Being seen as anything less than macho, especially by The Guv, is avoided at all costs (though Drake gets occasional glimpses of the other side of Ray). He doesn't know the meaning of "PC" (you want a constable?) and will say whatever is on his mind, but his mun is open to outside communication to avoid anything that might be taken as offensive or triggery.

If your character has extra-sensory or godlike abilities, you might wish to be apprised of the following (Note: the following is written in whitetext and contains massive spoilers for the end of Ashes to Ashes; please skip if you'd like to watch the series and remain unspoiled, which I highly recommend!): [ Ray is dead. He does not remember dying, or know he is dead. It was revealed that Ray died in the real world in 1972. As a young DC, he commits suicide by hanging himself in a bout of severe depression, self-doubt, and alcohol abuse. It was primarily guilt caused by his accidental killing of a young man, which was whitewashed by his DCI. He also maintains feeling as though he'd failed his father and grandfather, who were army sergeants, after he flunked basic training for entry to the British Army - a theme which runs through the series. He later awoke in Gene Hunt's World. ]

Ray will be playing through the events of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes simultaneously, with a focus on the former. Posts will be clearly marked 70s or 80s during game play.

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Ray: "All I want to hear from him are those three little words."
Chris: "What? 'I love you'?"
Ray: "'Well done, Ray.'"

[ DS Ray Carling is from the television shows Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, and is the property of the BBC/Kudos Film and Television. He appears here solely for the purpose of role playing, from which no profit is being made. I am not Dean Andrews. ]
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